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This is a tool for statistical corpus exploitation. It shows concordances, counts n-grams, provides techniques for collocations extraction, offers measures of statistical association, distribution and similarity.

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For questions, suggestions or bug reports, please send e-mail to rogelio dot nazar at upf dot edu

Important: This web based demo is only intended as such, a demo with a limited processing capability. For a professional usage with large corpora it is highly recommended to use the Perl library interface meant to be installed on the client’s machine. It has been tested in Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora) and Unix. For now, the Windows version is not available.

Documentation has been published in English (pdf file of 3.1 Mb) on September 10th 2010.
A short introduction in English is this article presented at the LREC2008 conference:
Nazar, R.; Vivaldi, J. & Cabré, MT. ; (2008). "A Suite to Compile and Analyze an LSP Corpus" (PDF), Proceedings LREC 2008 (The 6th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference) Marrakech (Morocco), 28-29-30 May 2008